September 30, 2014

365 Days, Week XXXIX.

So much play this week and so little work. I taught my Artist Book Course at CIA on Monday, and enjoyed a studio day on Wednesday, but otherwise the week was a wash for productivity in the work sense. This priority of play rolled out over all of the weekdays, and spilled into the weekend as well. Friday afternoon we enjoyed the Print Fair, and a delicious dinner with a friend at Providence. Isabella spent the night on her first sleepover with her best friend. Then we woke up and celebrated Grandpa's birthday again with brunch. Sunday we walked a stretch of the Metroparks, and then we took in an Indian's game with colleagues from Dave's firm. 

It was such a life-filling range of fun and relaxation this week, a most restorative stretch of days. Week thirty-nine of 2014:


We planted our finished tiny succulent pots at last for today's afternoon craft. 

Because she still fits in my lap. And sometimes, every once and a while, she still needs her momma to hold on to her and let her know that everything is going to be all right.


Parent consultation with the orthodontist this morning, nice to extend the morning a little bit with the husband.


Working away at this year's Abecedarium Book, prints and stencils on the drying rack in the studio.


Date day with the husband, exploring the Cleveland Museum of Art gardens around the lagoon.


With the Craunlets off school today, we enjoyed a quiet morning together in our pjs, where we read and played until after noon. Best kind of days.


Celebrating Grandpa's birthday at the Dulins, with the classic Dulin birthday cake covered in ganache. Love how reliable this is. The man, the celebration, the family, and the cake. We are so blessed in this life.


Dave's firm sponsored a family day at the final Indian's game. Perfect day, and the tribe ended on a win. Much cheering!

September 24, 2014

365 Days, Week XXXVIII.

It was a week of chilly temperatures with lots of sunshine as we inched into Autumn. There was a markedly slower pace to this week, and a lot of good cheer around our dining room table. We celebrated two birthdays with two different cakes. We hung our rainbow birthday bunting in the foyer, and celebrated with a school friend during the week and with Grandpa over the weekend, and very much enjoyed hosting these surprise mini-parties.

There seemed to be enough time for work and play, rest and celebration. I was stopped in my tracks by the misty morning light that descends upon our street. I worked in the studio on my next book, and I purchased and potted some succulents all the while dreaming of a shed with a green roof for the back yard. 

Week thirty-eight of 2014:


A student's project for Artist Book Now, and the random three precepts that I pulled. Shrug.


This light. So brightly hopeful and quiet, washing our city street this morning.

Mountain covers for a triangle accordion mock book. 


Tray of succulents, a roof "tile" for someday. In the interim, a lot of little starters for some indoor and outdoor plantings.


Picture day in her new dress, a result of a painful-at-times 4-hour shopping effort. She twirls when she puts it on.

My boys. Both so dang handsome.


School shopping fail: that belt we accidentally ordered from China finally got here 4 weeks later.

And then it was obviously turquoise and not light blue as listed, described and pictured. Le sigh, absolute fail.


Our favorite first baby books for a sweet afternoon shower for expecting friends.


This melts my heart. This growing up girl and her daddy.

September 19, 2014

Peeling Back Layers.

Eyes closed and decisive. Quick, like pulling off a bandaid.

Some of the stickers needed to go from wear and fading, and others simply needed to be peeled off for the sake of change. For moving on and forward. It's a freeing thing to shake off my administrative capacities, to weigh out yes and no more carefully, and to return to a more full-time making and writing. What I was made for. 

In so many surprising ways, the transition has been met with some wholly unexpected pushback, but nothing that isn't growing me forward in relationships, perspective, and in creating my work. Confirming and making certain that it was a personal necessity for moving out in faith to the place where my heart is happy.

September 18, 2014

365 Days, Week XXXVII.

We have hit a stride at last. The increased studio time has been a most royal treat, and I am making great progress in a new body of work. Ten of my Mountains & Molehills prints will be included in the Cleveland Fine Print Fair at the Zygote Press booth, which will take place next week/weekend in the Atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

Three days a week, we bring a friend of Isabella's home with us, and it is proving to be perfectly timed with the adjustments to Middle School and Nathaniel's acceleration into 3rd grade. I love how the girls can study and work together, and the conversations I am privy to as they chat away about their days. It's also been a great reinvigoration to our afternoon craft sessions, so we have been busy creating new projects each week.

This week cooled off considerably, and Autumn seems to be charging in at record speed. We enjoyed a lovely hike in the woods, and collected several wild blooms for our flower press. Week thirty-seven of 2014 was rich with life and laughter, and the balance of work and play:


The quiet end of a long, long day. View from my favorite spot on the counter.


Cappuccino, with no sugar. Baby steps. Teeny tiny ones.

Backpacks, lunches, a flute and a music stand. Love our colorful afternoons on the playground with friends.


Mega giant green gummy sculpture; the sugar-addicted culture we live in.


Love the lush colors and textures of Fall plantings.


Happy planter at a new coffee spot; a delightful writing spot. 
A few more Mountains & Molehills prints, and a little more fringe. Always more fringe it seems.


Cold and wet Saturday ended with quiet sewing projects in the living room. 


Findings on our hike this morning. The buckeye – named after it's resemblance to a male deer's eye, did you know this?!

September 16, 2014

365 Days, Week XXXVI.

September feels like a clean slate. We welcomed her with arms wide open, taking a morning swim at the hotel we overnighted in after the family reunion in Columbus. There's something so exhilarating about a Monday holiday, and the way it redefines the morning.

This week held lots of time in the print shop, and I moved many prints into the done column. We are hitting a rhythm for our after school homework and crafting sessions, and enjoying the crazy Summer temperatures that have descended on Cleveland with lots of extra time on the playground.

Full of life and new hope, week thirty-six of 2014:


Hotel key on the plastic faux wicker poolside table. 


Morning at Lucky's cafe, coffee and writing. Nice to usher in the day in quiet.


Postcard connections project, off to Alaska they go. Already excited for a response from Homer.

The school carpool line is a pretty serious business.


Laying out some bright as yellow pale ink. Full workday in the print shop.


Finishing up these Mountain + Molehill prints, just in time for the Cleveland International Print Fair.


Trying new flavors of kefir water this week, concord grape and apple cider.


Hard-working weeders, clearing up this overgrown garden patch.

Up and at it, and still clearing miles and miles of paint–so much surface area out there.

Morning Light.

I sighed more than two dozen times this morning before the Craunlets were even off to school shortly after sunrise. For whatever reason, I woke up under a cloud of melancholy, and just couldn't shake it off.

After packing lunches, and pulling back a pair of ponytails, I hurried into clothes so I could let Dave and the kids out of the driveway, since I had parked them in the day prior. And I backed my car out, and returned it to the driveway as they pulled away. Like a million times before. Because sometimes it feels like we have the very same morning over and over again.

Then I turned for the sidewalk, and the sunshine flooding our street stopped me in my tracks.

Such a good reminder to me this morning. There is new grace today. And there is more than enough. This sometimes loud street, awash in a hopeful and quiet bright. A low and warm light, and full of so much potential.

September 14, 2014

365 Days, Week XXXV.

August was one heck of a wild ride. This very last week of August was both a welcome goodbye and a hopeful forward look to a new season ahead. The week started off with my first day back at teaching the Artist Book course at the Cleveland Institute of Art [in the beautiful new print shop!], and the following days I enjoyed stretches and expanses of time in the studio printing. 

Mornings started slowly–after getting the Craunlets off to school–with coffee and some time for writing. It was a fabulous preview of the semester ahead. A restart, if you will; week thirty-five of 2014:


Quick Octavo fold structure for the first demo of the semester.


I could drink pools and pools of this today. 


After dinner, we went to Mitchell's Ice Cream for a quick treat. Love this new Ohio City location.


Writing outside this morning with a delicious cappuccino. Warming and quiet, both.


Gin and tonic while we get the grill going for dinner. Love our Summer evenings on the back deck.


Oreo truffles for the annual family reunion. Beautiful, for the hot mess they make of the kitchen.


Craunlets competing in the donut race during the family reunion games.


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