January 12, 2015

365 Days.

Last year I resolved to participate in a photo-a-day challenge. Every single day of 2014 I captured a picture. I thought optimistically, that this would be a fairly simple task. I take a lot of photos. 

What did I learn? Some days I don't want to take photographs. And lots of days, the Craunlets would like it if I took a few less photos too. 

I learned that I drink a lot of coffee. Delicious and beautiful cups of coffee at local coffee shops. I'm spoiled.

I saw also through my archived year of photos, that I go on a lot of dates with my husband. Sometimes it feels like we don't, but with our monthly day dates that we started this year, coupled with our fairly frequent evenings out -- the Mr. and I have a pretty regular date life. I like that, and I deeply love that man. And as it turns out, we drink a good amount of coffee together also. And beers.

Many engaging sub-threads developed which could easily become photographic typologies in and of themselves. There was the Nathaniel who reads all the time series, also a weekly teaching/printshop chronicle began to evolve, as well as regular documentation of my studio practice in progression. Those last two are serving as subtle nudges to keep up with my art website and blog this year. Really, I'm committed.

What did I love about this challenge? I began to look for and see light differently. I saw beauty in many small details, textures and colors in my daily life. Sometimes I didn't know exactly what it was that captured my attention for the daily shot -- but it was somehow beautiful, like this street shot I took one random fall afternoon while waiting to pick up the Craunlets from school:

I love that I finished. I am so proud that I stuck to it, even once the luster of the new project wore off, and the year continued. Day by day, I captured a shot again and again and again. And I am also glad that it is finished. It's a bigger than I would have anticipated relief to not be daily concentrating on whether or not I have captured a photograph. 

Now all that is looming, is to finally post-process the several weeks that I fell behind in posting updates for, and then I'd also like to put together a small photobook and get it printed. It's a motivator to design and print a book. Baby steps. 2015 is a moving it forward year.

January 4, 2015

NEW YEAR | 2015

Today is the very last day of our Christmas vacation. It's a new year, and we are all pretty stoked, and ready for some new adventures. 2014 was a good year for us, and as we celebrated in our holiday cards, a year of many firsts. 

We forged a lot of new a paths together, and I look forward to the wide road ahead in 2015, to keep on keeping on, and to move further into all of the things that we got started last year. To move deeper into what we are made to do. 

Per usual, we worked late into the last few hours available to get our holiday cards completed and sent out just in the nick of time. To add to the craziness this year, we decided an impromptu do-it-yourself photo-booth picture session was in order. This was 4 days before Christmas, when we found ourselves setting up the camera on a tripod, and explaining to the Craunlets exactly what a photo-booth even was.

After explaining the rapid pose-changes and the squished into a small space attributes of the photo-booth, we decided to let the Craunlets warm up to the idea while we adjusted the camera, getting the focal length and lighting all set. The outtakes completely slay me; the Craunlets completely nailed it:

We enjoyed a week-and-a-half off together, each of us on vacation, and had such a blast extending and slowing the holidays. We puzzled, stayed long in our pjs, read our new books, took in many movies, visited and hosted friends, slept in, and absolutely feasted like kings and queens. We made so much merry.

Happy New Year from Team Craun!

December 8, 2014

365 days, Week XLVIII.

Week forty-eight. Here we are ending November. Celebrating Thanksgiving, hosting the Grand Dubs for a long weekend, and just hanging out. The Craunlets enjoyed an entire week off of school, and we whittled away the days together with lots of games, and crafts, and laying around in our pjs. The best kind of weeks.


Wash tests on a litho stone in the print shop.


This boy. Always making, and such a fiery mass of creativity within him.


Another hand-sewn doll joins the ranks on the little lady's bed.


Isabella enjoying the craft table at the annual Bulea Thanksgiving.


Isabella's long-awaited first English riding lesson. Happy little lady right there.


UNO! I completely love this photo, and all those faces. The Grand Dubs and the Craunlets.


Annual Craun clambake. It's tradition.

December 5, 2014

365 Days, Week XLVII.

I remember so clearly a conversation I had with our pediatrician during a well visit with Isabella while pregnant with Nathaniel. I remember worrying that an infant would be again all-consuming, and that it would somehow shadow or impair my mothering of Isabella. She smiled knowingly, and laughed, and I'll never forget her remark: "She's the queen, the first born, and she will always be first. She will always be the queen." How true that has rung on so many levels again and again. We always learn and celebrate the milestones first with her, then somewhat expect them of Nathaniel. Sure, I swell with pride at both of their accomplishments, but there's more of a comfortable familiarity to the second time around, if that makes any sense. They are strikingly different little people and personalities, so we are afforded all sorts of new territory, growing moments, and laughter.

That said, this was an absolute week of the Nate. Kid was just on a roll.

Week forty-seven.


Rainbow of inky tarlatans hanging on the edge of the studio.


Italian Wedding soup with nearly every ingredient in the recipe substituted with something else. How we roll.


Nathaniel gets glasses. Could he get any handsomer?!


Nathaniel's Polar Bear book report, and his accomplished smile of straight As on his first quarter report card.


Nathaniel, winner of the 3rd Grade School Spelling Bee. So much celebrating for the little man this week.


Visit from a cousin, a hanging out game-playing kind of afternoon, and much conversation including a Skype call to Nicaragua.


I could melt into a puddle. Isabella reading the story of Squanto to Nathaniel. 

December 3, 2014

365 Days, Week XLVI.

Week forty-six. Making some changes, and trying new things–stepping out from safe and comfortable places and venturing into the unknown. Tearing out the studio closet interiors for some custom built-ins to make the studio space work harder. This week I participated in my first ever food swap, and it was unbelievable amounts fun. I brought home all sorts of food goodies, and met a lot of interesting people. Total win.

I taught several classes of kids how to make books with a single sheet of paper, a few simple folds, and a small tear–and it really just never gets old. The magic of paper is so alluring. 

Rain turned to snow this week, and blanketed our colorful Autumn colors. The Cleveland landscape is so stunning right now.


Studio closet, getting cleared out and ready for repair. 


My trade for the food swap; hot pepper pickled heirloom cauliflower.

These colors and textures. After school view from the walk-up waiting area.


The bounty of my first ever food swap. Pistacio-studded caramel, sriracha salt, Christmas Ale mustard, elderberry syrup, grapefruit kombucha, pickled cherries, as well as citrus bath salts and a lemony sugar handscrub.


The single sheet Octavo structure, or "magic book" as the kids love to call it.


View leaving a neighborhood school today, snow flying.


Detail on our slate walk.


Dining room light and shadow.

December 1, 2014

365 Days, Week XLV.

Week forty-five. Feeling the quiet of Autumn settling in on us at last, and slowing our schedules. It's been a slew of rainy days, but sunny and filled with bright foliage. Isabella received Highest Honors, a new distinction of Honor Roll in Middle School for straight As in the first quarter. She was among three peers, so felt quite accomplished. 

Making significant progress on my copper etchings in the studio, and very much enjoying the meditative qualities of plate work, and progressive state-proofing. 


The Craunlets help Daddy sort through a small cedar chest of our combined memorabilia.


Flat files and drying system all splayed out.


The little Miss, still beaming from her award ceremony.


Burnishing bright facets into a few of the etched hexagons on my polished copper plate.


The colors of fall are stopping me in my tracks this year, so much contrast.


The girl child, who also reads all the time, in between projects.


Because they are still small enough to fit under the dining room table, and still young enough to play forts. Please let these two be such good friends forever.

November 28, 2014

365 Days, Week XLIV.

Week forty-four. Glad to have the big costume project behind us – and back to a normal week. Oddly weird to be done with Halloween before the day, but most welcome. Especially when it rained and rained. 

Enjoying the Monday printshop photos. It's so quiet and bright when I arrive. Before the students arrive, and the day gets rolling into high speed. It's also a moment of capturing of the remnants of night prior's activities.  


Love how demanding the font on this PRINT water bottle is. Own it. Fun lighting also, all aglow this morning.


Coffee, coffee. Lovely sweet latte art.


The boy child reading in his pjs. Prolific reader, in every crevice of the day.


J – perfect seating this quiet morning. Gathering thoughts, and breathing in beauty.


The view from under the umbrella, loving the play between the polkadots and the fall foliage.


It rained and rained, and all the leaves fell. At once. What a beautiful mess on the slate walk.


The girl, always contemplating. Always older than her years.


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